About this portfolio

I am a student in the Masters of Arts in Teaching at Seattle Pacific University (SPU). SPU requires that students document their learning and development throughout the program by using an electronic portfolio format. As part of the certification process, I need to demonstrate competency on the SPU Principles of HOPE, which are a set of categories of competence that group the state residency certification standards outlined in the Washington Administrative Code (WAC 181-78A-270). I will be using this site to demonstrate my developing competency.

During the Introduction to Teaching class (EDU 6918); I created this portfolio using a blogging format. During the program I will be submitting three types of entries:

1. The first type of entry will include reflections which will include my experiences and what I am learning. I will be able to share my thoughts about my development as a teacher. I will also be able to talk about the experiences of the program.

2. The second type of entry will be slightly more formal as I include both teacher-based and student-based artifacts (papers, projects, images, video links, etc.) with my posts to help demonstrate my developing competency on the Principles of HOPE. I will self-assess these submissions in reference to the rubrics provided in class.

3. The third type of entry will be reflective assignment submissions that my instructors may ask of me as part of the courses they are teaching.

For every post, I will align the entry with either the Principles of HOPE and/or other tags that I find meaningful. Faculty and my University Coordinator will periodically review my posts and they will have an opportunity to provide feedback.

As required in the program, I will develop meta-reflections on each principle and faculty will conduct a full review. These can be found on the “Principles” pages in this site. Throughout this process, I will document my learning and growth as a teacher-candidate in the MAT program.


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