EDU 6139: E1 – Exemplify Professional-Informed, Growth-Centered Practice

E1 – Exemplify professional-informed, growth-centered practice. This program standard emphasizes teachers developing reflective, collaborative, and professional growth-centered practices through feedback and reflection. As a new teacher, one of the areas I must become more familiar with is teacher evaluations or TPEP. This involves understanding how teachers are evaluated and what scale is it based upon. Knowledge of the framework in which the school uses for evaluations will help me to be better prepared for observations. In addition to being better prepared for observations, striving to be proficient or distinguished in general will improve my overall teaching practices. The evidence presented is part of the rubric for the Danielson framework which was being implemented at my student teaching site. I specifically chose criterion 5: fostering and managing a safe, positive learning environment – 2a: creating an environment of respect and rapport.

Danielson Criteron 5

This evidence demonstrates a specific area of the Danielson framework which I put forth extra attention towards during my student teaching. The classroom I had was rather challenging at times and I know that it is my responsibility as a teacher to creating a safe and positive learning environment. Reviewing the framework helped me understand what proficient and distinguished teachers achieve in order to create a safe and positive learning environment. For example, a distinguished teacher would respond to a student’s incorrect response with respect for the student’s dignity. Sometimes, simple things like how we respond to students can be overlooked and even cause students to become reluctant in sharing their answers for the fear of being wrong. Students should feel safe and comfortable enough to ask any questions or share their thinking regardless of how incorrect their response may be. What I learned from reviewing the Danielson rubrics was that I became more familiar with what makes a particular teacher proficient or distinguished. I was able to see the specific qualifications and attributes which these teachers possess. This gave me something to strive for as I begin my teaching career. As a new teacher, I hope to continue to develop and grow my skills and become proficient and/or distinguished in all areas. Becoming familiar with my schools framework will help me set goals for becoming a better teacher. This will result in students receiving more efficient instruction and learning in a positive and safe environment.

In the future, I will seek out more experienced teachers for support for becoming a proficient or distinguished teacher. Areas in which I feel I need more improvement, I can seek these colleagues for advice on improving my instructional practices.


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