Week 9 Internship: H4 – Honor Family/Community Involvement in the Learning Process

H4 – Honor family/community involvement in the learning process. This program standard highlights the importance for teachers to inform, involve, and collaborate with families or communities in the educational process. To me this program standard emphasizes the importance of being actively involved in student development. This can be achieved by collaborating with the student and their families in order to help students be more successful in the classroom. The evidence presented is the document used for the school’s check-in check-out system. This is typically used for students who struggle in the classroom following rules and procedures. It incorporates a goal for students to strive towards throughout each school day based upon a 0-2 point system. Also, it provides as a communication method with the student’s family at home because it requires the student to show it to their parents and get their signature.

 Check-in Check-out

This evidence shows a modified version of the check-in check-out template which I adapted for one of the students in my classroom. This student has been struggling to stay on task and make good decisions. The evidence is used to communicate home with the student’s parents. I use it to emphasize the days when the student has met his goals in addition to the subject periods where the student was off-task or distracted. The purpose is not to be a negative on the student’s performance, but to accentuate moments when the student is engaged and focused. This communication between the students home will allow for opportunities where the student’s parents could praise, encourage, or discuss what went well or what a struggle was. This experience has helped me realize the importance of keeping parents informed on both the successes as well as the troubles of the class. Prior to using the check-in check-out system, the only communication I had with the student’s parents was multiple phone calls home due to inappropriate behaviors. It has also taught me how powerful it can be to set goals with students. This document has promoted student learning since the student has become extremely aware and motivated to meet the goal. This motivation has resulted in an overall better performance throughout the school day. In addition, the student has demonstrated becoming more conscientious of when he is off-task and showed honesty by scoring himself accurately based on his performance.

In the future, I would like to make more of an effort to communicate home on a more consistent basis with each of my students’ parents. I have seen on multiple occasions how an email home to a parent can drastically improve student behavior in the class. By also communicating student successes in the classroom, parents can continue to praise and encourage their children. One way I plan on doing this when I have more own classroom is to send home monthly letters or emails updating on student performance, praises, and/or concerns. Simple communication home can really support student achievement and performance.


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