Internship Week 8: H5 – Honor Student Potential for Roles in the Greater Society

H5 – Honor student potential for roles in the greater society. This program standard emphasizes the importance to prepare our students to be responsible citizens for an environmentally sustainable, globally interconnected, and diverse society. The way I interpret this standard is how we are promoting student citizenship based upon practices in the classroom. The evidence presented is a picture of a chart the class created in regards to cooperation. The class in general had been struggling cooperating in small group activities and this chart was created as a result of the difficulties the students were having. The emphasis of this chart was to make personal connections with words or phrases that reminded the students of cooperation. In addition, the class brainstormed what cooperation looked like, sounded like, and felt like.

Cooperation Chart

This evidence shows student generated ideas for what cooperation looks, sounds, and feels like. From the list that was created, subsequent group lesson activities emphasized one of the three components. For example, the objectives for a social studies lesson had an academic goal as well as a cooperation goal. One specific lesson’s cooperation goal was for students to be able to demonstrate what cooperation sounds like. Before releasing the students to the group activity, the class reviewed what cooperation sounded like. Questions were asked like what words or phrases should I (the teacher) be hearing if groups were cooperating. If Ms. Estephan (the principal) walked into the classroom, what would she hear? This was to prime students brains and also make real-world connections on how cooperation should really sound like. This was also connected back towards when groups cooperate and demonstrate teamwork; they are more successful in the task at hand. Having an objective that promotes student roles in the greater society will not only improve the classroom environment, but also prepare students to become responsible and successful citizens. Incorporating charts to build a positive classroom environment has shown to be an effective tool to teach students important life skills of working with others. After the lesson, students reflected upon their groups and how well they cooperated. Students shared how they had to compromise and work together to come to a consensus decision. Additionally, students shared various dialogues between the groups members that demonstrated what cooperation sounded like. Without an emphasis played on the learning objective of cooperation, students would have been unable to learn and shown their ability to be responsible citizens in a diverse society.

In the future, I plan on continuing to incorporate community building opportunities similar to the one my classroom did on cooperation. I will take a look at the citizenship skills that my students are having difficulty with and to make a conscious effort in promoting these aspects by integrated them within my lesson plans. This is an effective measure and has been a positive experience in my classroom. Students have shown substantial improvements in the area of cooperation and as a teacher it is my responsibility to prepare my students for roles in the greater society.


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