Internship Week 7: P4 – Practice the Integration of Appropriate Technology with Instruction

P4 –– Practice the integration of appropriate technology with instruction.This program standard places an emphasis on teacher candidates being able to use technology that is effectively integrated to create technologically proficient learning. The evidence presented is a slide utilizing our smart board for one of my math lessons. This is extremely beneficial for teachers and students alike; the ability to write on what is projected is convenient in order to record student response, for clarification purposes, and students can even write their own response. In addition to this, I can easily print off or save student recordings for future reference.

Smart Board Presenation Slide

The picture displays the lessons introductory question which will tie into the lessons objective. Not only does this provide a great visual representation of the mathematical problem, but it also allows for easy manipulations. Teachers and students alike can simply pick up a smart board pen and highlight the important information, record their response, and explain their solution. You can add and move around images or be able to infinitely clone an image. All very useful tools in presenting materials in a learner centered fashion. This is the case because students are able to get a visual representation along with learning how technology can be implemented within the classroom. More importantly, technology adds another exciting aspect to a lesson and can be utilized in a way to have more student involvement. Using the smart board in my lesson planning has allowed me to appreciate the benefits technology can be for teaching concepts and having interactive learning. Students are more engaged because I can record their response immediately and want to share more in case I allow a student to write their response on the smart board. Incorporating technology into instruction is an interactive, fun, and beneficial method for all students. It allows for a hands-on and visual representation of a concept.

In the future, I would like to create more opportunities beyond the use of smart boards in order to utilize the technology within my classroom. We have access to a cart of laptops and I would love to promote more use out of the laptops and to show their work on the smart board. Many students in my classroom do not have access to computers at home, thus making it even more important using technology for helping students learn about the lessons concepts and also giving students the opportunity to become proficient in using technological tools.


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