H1 – Honor Student Diversity and Development

H1 – Honor student diversity and development. This program standard emphasizes planning learner centered curricula that engages students. More specifically, it is the ability to engage students using strategies that are culturally, developmentally, and age-appropriate. One way I would exemplify an understanding of honoring student diversity and development is through being properly educated about students with disabilities and disorders. The evidence presented is my peer review document from my coursework in EDSP 6644 – Educating Exceptional Students. This document was a course requirement pertaining to a specific topic of choice. Due to the growing population of students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), I decided to focus on this topic.


The evidence emphasizes researched-based instructional techniques for students diagnosed with ASD.  The research done to complete the document presented important strategies shown to be effective tools for teaching students with ASD. Understanding these strategies will better equip me as a teacher to engage students with ASD. The use of picture exchange communication system (PECS) and social stories are two simple yet effective strategies to use in teaching students with ASD. Knowing this will help me honor the diversity and development of students with ASD, thus resulting in me becoming a more complete and competent teacher.

As a teacher it is important to always keep the students learning and interest in the forefront. Students with ASD can be difficult to teach effectively due to the disorders effects on student communication, socialization, and interests. Using PECS and social stories provides a great communication tool for teachers to use. If we are able to better communicate with students with ASD, then student learning can and will improve. In the future, I plan on continuing to research and learn about student disabilities and disorders. The methods presented are communication tools, and I hope to develop the knowledge of content specific strategies to implement with students with ASD. Additionally, I will seek further assistance from the schools resources. I could collaborate with the special education teacher or school psychologists to find other methods to honor student diversity and development.


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