EDU 6363: Meta-reflection

Thinking back upon the class lectures, course readings, and each of my reflection posts one thing seems to always stand out. When it comes down to teaching, it is the importance of individualizing instruction in a way that can inspire our students to be fully engaged and wanting to learn more. Whether that is through integrated curriculum or relevant themes, the students must be at the forefront. In the realm of social studies, language arts, and fine arts providing enrichment opportunities for students through integrated curriculum and relevant themes is an effective measure. Many districts incorporate The Oregon Trail into their elementary curriculum. This provides a great opportunity to create lessons that develop the conceptual ideas in social studies, incorporates analytical writings of language arts, and creative representations in fine arts.

One of the most impactful statements which I reflected upon last week was “teach less, and teach well”. To me this incorporates the full immersion into a text, story, project, or lesson. Putting thought into the lesson that will provide differentiated instruction to meet the needs of each individual student and worrying less about keeping up. When I begin my first teaching job, I will always remember that teaching more isn’t necessarily best for the students. To always remember the importance of slowing down to ensure that student comprehension is taking place. Finally, I hope to have the opportunity to create an elaborative integrated unit that incorporates aspects of all subject areas.


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