Internship Week 2: H2 – Honor Student Access to Content Material

H2 – Honor student access to content material. This program standard emphasizes the importance for teachers to present information using a wide variety of instructional strategies. The evidence presented is a picture of the sentence frame used during one particular guided reading session. Students in my class are learning the qualities that make up a “good reader”. This particular guided reading session focused on matching a character trait with a character from the text. Students were required to support their pairing of character and trait with evidence from the text. Many of the students struggle with organizing their information, writing complete sentences, and finding detailed examples. Sentence frames are a useful tool when scaffolding instruction and can help students with both written and oral language. The evidence shows a sample work by one student during the guided reading. Though the sentence frame is not complex, it helps students organize and articulate their evidence efficiently.

Example of student work

Example of student work

As I watched the student use the sentence frame, I was able to see students effectively use them and improve their writing. The sentence frames allowed students to fill in the spaces appropriately; with little to no confusion. It helps students organize their evidence in a complete sentence format. This activity was especially beneficial in helping the students to be able to write out their thoughts about a character and their trait. Additionally, the activity incorporated concepts of “good reading” as well as being a “good writer”. Information presented using a wide variety of instructional strategies can be beneficial in helping all students become successful, especially as different learning levels are present in the classroom.

In the future, I can continue to use multiple teaching strategies to help students express their thoughts in written form. This would allow students to visualize and practice the framework of their own sentence writing. It also provides opportunities to practice writing with adequate support so that students are not relying on the sentence frames but still creating their own work. I hope to continue to develop and learn a vast range of teaching strategies to better teach each individual student.


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