EDU 6363: KNOW/DO/BE Framework

The KNOW/DO/BE framework encompasses three questions of: what is most important for students to know, what is most important for students to be able to do, and what kind of person do we want students to be (Drake, & Burns, 2004). This reflection will focus of the “be” aspect which includes the attitudes, beliefs, and actions that we expect students to demonstrate as a conclusion of the lesson (p. 33). The “be” of the framework is extremely important because it reflects upon what the student does with the “know” and “do” of the framework (p. 35). In some sense, this “be” portion of the framework can be viewed as a type of character education. Character that includes values, beliefs, attitudes, and actions those students will reflect as a result of the lesson. Students should be applying lessons to their very own lives. Lessons can be geared towards not only learning key concepts about a specific topic, but also to develop citizenship. It can be as simple as student participation and compromise, or as detailed as themes including loyalty, perseverance, or courage (Scheuerman, 2014). Students require the skills of “know” – facts, topics, and concepts; as well as “do” – skills of communication, research, and information management (p. 33). The “be” will connect the “know” and “do” to bridge the information together and make it applicable to the lives of the students. When students are utilizing the information they have learned in class outside of school, it then becomes meaningful and relevant. When lesson planning, remember the “be” is important because as teachers we are shaping the lives of our students.


Drake, S.M., & Burns, R.C. (2004). Meeting standards through integrated curriculum. Alexandria, VA: ASCD.

Scheuerman, R. (2014, January 22). EDU 6363 Course Lecture – Session 3: Inquiry, Understanding, and Social Studies Methods II.


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