EDU 6526: Final Thoughts

This course has not only been an enjoyable experience but has been very though provoking in the realm of pedagogical styles that have widely influenced the educational practices we see in schools today. For the most part I was unfamiliar with many of the instructional strategies introduced in EDU 6526. This course has given me a deeper knowledge base and has equipped me with various teaching models that will help me become a more efficient educator. Some of the instructional strategies that I found particularly influential were induction, cooperative learning, Bloom’s taxonomy, learner-centered approaches, and direct instruction. I particularly value the concept of inductive learning. This strategy requires the process of learning by example where a teacher will establish an instructional focus, develop conceptual control, and where skill or concept understanding is developed (Scheuerman, 2013). Intellectually, I am beginning to apply these strategies and think about how I would use them in my future classroom.

More importantly this class has taught be the importance of using a variety of strategies in the classroom. Students are becoming more and more individualized and not one method best suites the entire class of students. Teachers need to be equipped with a variety of instructional strategies that can be applied to the classroom. These strategies not only have their strengths but they too have weaknesses. For example, many times teachers will only use the strategy of cooperative learning. The overuse of this strategy can cause students to become “bored” where in reality students also need time in individual activities. Just because a method is effective, does not mean it should be used during every learning experience.

I know that path to becoming a teacher will not be easy or as direct as one intends, but it is that journey that really helps the development of practical ideas and strategies. Additionally, becoming a teacher as well as being a teacher is an active process. One can never state the importance of professional development so that we can continue to develop as an educator.

Scheuerman, R. (2013). EDU 6526 Course Lecture Notes.


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