bPortfolio, Principles of HOPE, and WAC 181

The relationship between the Principles of HOPE and WAC181 are very similar in that each is a set of standards regarding effective teaching and professional development in our teacher preparation program. The WAC181 is an approval standard of knowledge and skill. This encompasses effective teaching by using various criteria such as adapting standardized curricula for the diverse needs of each student or using technology effectively. It also includes the professional development through reflective, collaborative, and professional practices. Finally, it demonstrates teaching as a profession and performance assessments approved by the professional educator standards board. HOPE focuses on a set of categories of competency outlined in WAC181. HOPE asks educators to honor student diversity, offer an organized and challenging curriculum, practice effective teaching, and exemplify service to the teaching profession. The bPortfolio will document my learning and development as I demonstrate competency in the standards of WAC181 and the Principles of HOPE.

The bPortfolio is where the standards of WAC181 and the principles of HOPE can be demonstrated through my own blog posts. This is an efficient way to reflect and show the knowledge and skills developed through my readings, assignments, and experiences. More specifically, the blog posts will incorporate the reflection of my development as a teacher, teacher or student artifacts demonstrating competency, and reflective assignments. All postings will be aligned in some way with the Principles of Hope and the standards of WAC181. In addition the bPortfolio allows me to organize in such a way that makes entries easily identifiable while maintaining a professional appearance. Through my bPortfolio I am able to emphasize on the Principles of HOPE and WAC181 to show my competence on teaching knowledge and skills.


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